Hisense Air-Conditioner Company is a world-class manufacturer of home air conditioners that was founded in 1996. The company is recognized as the largest and most technically advanced inverter air conditioner producer in China, with an annual output exceeding 1.5 million units. Hisense relies on a first-class research and development team. The company's reputation is unmatched for offering first class products at reasonable price.
In line with growing environmental concerns worldwide, Hisense is determined to continue developing new generations of air conditioners that offer greater efficiency, more comfort and reduced noise.

Hisense-Hitachi Air-conditioning System

Hisense-Hitachi Air-conditioning System Co., Ltd. (HHASC) was jointly established by Hisense Group and Hitachi Air-conditioner Company on January 8, 2003. The two companies each contributed 50% of the registered capital. HHASC is a JV integrating R&D of commercial air-con technology, products manufacturing, marketing and customer service.

The groundbreaking ceremony of HHASC production base was held on January 18, 2003 and in July the same year, the first product rolled down the production line.

In 2004, HHASC and its products passed ISO9000:2000 certification and 3C (China Compulsory Certification). Currently, the JV is licensed to use both trademarks of “Hisense-Hitachi” and “Hitachi” and is rapidly developing into a major commercial air-conditioner supplier in China.

With its sights aimed high, HHASC is committed to becoming a pioneer in the professional technology field to actively implement an operation system featuring professional techniques; professional manufacturing, professional marketing, professional design, professional service and professional management and to install eco-friendly air-con systems bearing the most advanced technology on commercial buildings around the world. Major products of HHASC include: free-setting intelligent inverter-type multi-split commercial air-conditioning systems and S/F mini inverter-type household central air-conditioning systems.

As a commercial air-con production and marketing base jointly established by Hisense and Hitachi, HHASC owns a commercial air-con production facility of over 100,000m2 in in area located in the Hisense Information Industrial Park. The facility is well equipped with state-of-the-art production and quality assurance equipment, which, combining with the cutting-edge air-conditioning system technologies offered by Hitachi, enable HHASC to launch pioneering commercial air-conditioning products every year. Today, HHASC’s annual production capacity has exceeded 150,000 sets.

Furthermore, the production facility is furnished with advanced processing equipment and production lines. Currently, over 90% of its parts are imported from Japan. The top class production techniques combined rigid quality control and optimized sorting and an enthalpy measurement lab, electrical control lab, environment lab, acoustics lab and aging lab of global standards ensures the high quality of Hisense-Hitachi commercial air-conditioning products.

HHASC is a follower of the talent-oriented management concept and always regards its staff as the basis for development and competitiveness. Treasuring talent, respecting talent and cultivating talent is the way through which the company approaches and taps human resources. HHASC realizes that only talented workers can innovate and design “personalized” products. In a deeper sense, HHASC’s “talent-oriented” concept is embodied to supply better products and service to its customers so that people can lead a comfortable and cozy life in the eco-system.

Presently, HHASC has established 20 plus business offices and 5 representative offices around China and its marketing network covers the whole country expect Tibet. Moreover, its products are sold back to Japan. HHASC possesses a flawless after-sales service system and can engage service providers in training and testing on service standards and management skills. Now, HHASC can render complete and professional services from installation, test operation and maintenance to customer operation, and training. HHASC has also established an information archive to handle feedback from the customers in stages so as to maintain a lifetime relationship with its customers. The Service concept of HHASC is that “Service is a part of our product’s quality and a guarantee to the survival of our business.” HHASC is a protector of the customer’s interests and a guard against customer worries; its considerate services are widely appreciated by its customers.

Hisense Digital Products

Hisense Digital Products Co., Ltd. (HDPC) was established in January 2004 and is a trendsetter in Hisense 3C initiatives. HDPC has integrated its resources with key IT partners to become a leading player in the communications, electrronics and coordinated computation business and has inherited the rich experience of Hisense in the PC market. HDPC aims to become a leading 3C integrated products, solution, content and service provider in China.

HDPC boasts highly-qualified technical workers, a distinguished management team, efficient business management platform, powerful R&D structure and a modern enterprise management system, forming a solid foundation to increase its competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

HDPC uses the abundant resources of the Hisense Group and its strategic partners to spearhead its growth in the Digital products industry. The company combines its proprietary knowledge with the cutting-edge technologies in IT, communication and consumer electronics, integrated with future-oriented innovative technology to satisfy the needs of Chinese users. Thus HDPC can continuously launch products, solutions and services based on market needs. Blessed with an ever increasing market share of 3C integration, HDPC has branched out into several business fields covering digital home, collaborative commerce, mobile digital, wireless application and is able to supply PC (desktop, notebook, and graphic workstation), digital AV (MP3, DVD, Portable DVD etc), wireless network products (WLAN) and business and household-oriented solutions and services. Hisense computer, as the major product of HDPC, received the “Certificate of Products Exempted from Quality Inspection” and ranked among the first group of computer systems to be granted this privilege. HDPC was awarded the title of “Famous China Brand” in September 2001, and it reclaimed the same title in September 2004.

Based on the service concept of “One Time Promise, All Time Commitment”, HDPC spares no efforts to provide its customers with the type of service “Once Chosen, Never Fallen” characterized by its home appliance commitment strategy. This commitment was recognized by the China Quality Inspection Association, which awarded HDPC the title of “Enterprise with Double Guarantee in Quality and Service”. Meanwhile, the nationwide marketing channels and supportive partners enable products and services of HDPC to win universal appreciation from its customers.

Our Target: To become the leading high-tech corporation in China.

Our Mission: To work hard for the maximum benefit of our customers, our shareholders and our staff and to deliver a top class digital experience through leading products, solutions, content and service.

Hisense Intelligent Commercial Equipment

Hisense Intelligent Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. (HICEC) is a company specialized in the R&D, production, marketing and service of commercial Point of Sales (POS), tax-controlled POS and various peripherals. After being confirmed by the Ministry of Information Industry as the first designated POS manufacturer in China, HICEC is considered the top brand in China’s POS manufacturing for its high-level technology and innovative products.

As a company with the largest share in the domestic POS market, HIECE spares no effort to enrich its product lines based on the concept of “Developing Fine Products, Delivering Fine Service, Relying on Talent and Pursuing Perfection”. Two series of products (the “Dragon” series commercial POS and the “Kirin” series tax-control POS) have been developed. In the “Dragon” series, the “Sea Dragon” stack-type POS, the “Sincere Dragon” split-type POS and the “Smart Dragon” integration-type POS are highly favored by the customers. The Products structure of HICEC combines low, medium and high end marketing and can meet the needs of all facets of the POS community.

As a member of the State tax control standard drafting team, HICEC actively involves itself in the formulation, testing and piloting of relevant state standards for tax-controlled devices. So far, HICEC has developed the “Kirin” products series (including tax-controlled POS, tax-controlled network POS, tax-controlled invoice printer, tax-controlled storage) and contributes to the information-based administration of the State taxation system.

In 1997, “Hisense POS” series was appraised by Ministry of Science and Technology as a key “National Product”. In 2004, Hisense HK-H50G was listed as a key R&D project of the national Torch Project 2004.

HICEC boasts automated product lines and complete sets of automated production and testing equipment (e.g. surface mounting machine and automatic insertion on-line testing instruments imported from Germany and the USA) The facility is located in the 1,200mu (800,400m2) Hisense Information Industrial Park, which constitutes a powerful production capacity for various high quality commercial POS, tax-controlled POS and professional peripheral equipment.

HICEC boasts very competitive R&D strength and has undertaken many R&D projects in “Plan 863”, “Torch Plan” and the “9th Five-Year Plan”. Moreover, the company established close cooperation with famous research institutes at home and abroad to continuously consolidate and perfect its product lines so that those products can pass the testing of the ever-changing commercial equipment market and maintain their technological leadership in the domestic market.

Presently, HICEC has established 8 marketing branches in Shandong, northeast China, north China, northwest China, central China, south China and southwest China; 16 secondary offices and has contracted nearly 100 experienced distributors, which form a marketing network nationwide. At the same time, HICEC controls a nationwide service network composed of service centers in 20 major cities around China. HICEC’s knowledgeable and experienced marketing team can deliver the optimized products solutions and seamless service to its customers.

Hisense ( Beijing ) Digital Technology

Hisense (Beijing) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Beijing in August 2000. It is high-tech wing of the Hisense Group. The company is committed to the product development and market exploration of the high-tech communications field. The company’s major products include network security products consisting of firewalls, invasion detecting systems (IDS), VPNs and network security ID verification systems (NetKey). In addition, the company is also able to delivery complete network security solutions and professional security services.

The company is backed by the Hisense Group; a leader in many facets of China’s electronics industry. HDTC’s strength in technology and products is attributable to its 6 professional labs providing system integration, R&D and network security. The company has introduced cutting-edge R&D and testing instruments including Smartbits 6000B, logic analyzers, network testing instruments, etc , which constitute a sound foundation of products. At the beginning of 2003, Hisense Group invested RMB 300 million to establish Hisense R&D. The R&D center covers an area over 5,000 square meters. The facility has received State-level technical center certification and is approved as a postdoctoral workstation. The R&D center is part of the Hisense 3C industrial pattern and undertakes such important tasks as industrial upgrading and product structural adjustment.

The network security products of HNTC have passed the rigid certification of the China National Information Security Evaluation & Testing Certification Center and certification of the Information Security Evaluation & Certification Center of the PLA, China. In addition it has secured a marketing license issued by the Public Information Network Security Supervision Bureau (PINSSB) of the Ministry of Public Security and was appraised by the National Administration for Protection of State Secrets. The FW3010 firewall was the first domestic product qualifying for security technology appraisal of 26 items in 5 categories and won second prize for scientific and technological advancement in the Shandong province. The anti-invasion capability of the firewall was outstanding and received the excellent technology award for firewall products organized by the CCID in 2001 and 2002. In March 2002, Hisense FW3010 firewall software passed the appraisal certification conducted by the National Administration for Protection of State Secrets (NAPSS) and was recognized by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as reaching an internationally-leading level. Hisense invasion detecting system also passed certification of the PINSSB and won the “Technical Innovation Award” conferred by CCID. This software was the security guard for the website of the “21st World University Games”. On September 30, 2002, HNTC passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. In January 2003, NAPSS issued the “Secret-related System Integration Qualification” certificate to HNTC. All those honors and certifications are recognition of Hisense products and services quality.

HNTC boasts a powerful R&D team and has rich experience in developing low, medium and high-end security products to meet customers’ changing needs. The R&D team is mainly composed of doctoral, master-level computer network specialists that graduated from renowned universities at home and abroad. Presently, the company employs a staff of 170, 80 plus are R&D workers and 30 provide technical support. The company is known for providing complete, fast and considerate technical support and security service to its customers.

The past several years have seen HNTC grow into a world class operation. With its ever expanding scale and the enriched product line, HNTC is developing from a network security products supplier to a well-known “Network Security Expert” in China. With the strong support of the Hisense Group, the company will further display its technical strength, market advantage, superior service and competitiveness in the field of network security.

Hisense Network Technology

Hisense Network Technology Co., Ltd. (HNTC) was established in 1998 as a subsidiary of the Hisense Group and is the backbone of the Hisense 3C industrial information technology sector.

HNTC is the leading software provider in Shandong province; a State-level high-tech enterprise and a software base involved in the “Torch Plan” formulated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. HNTC possesses a Class II computer information system integration qualification granted by the Ministry of Information Industry and has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system and CMM3 certification.

Based on the concept of “High Tech, High Quality and Excellent Service”, HNTC formulated its 3i (internet, intelligence, and interactive) technological strategy. HNTC has established its industrial pattern based on the two major businesses of intelligent traffic and commercial circulation.

Concerning the intelligent traffic business, HNTC has developed a series of products including public transport intelligent dispatching and media operation and management systems; urban public security & traffic control center comprehensive information systems; self-adaptive traffic light control system; and e-police & mobile vehicle checking systems. These products are currently being used by many municipalities in China including: Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Zhongshan, Liuzhou and Hohhot.

In the commercial mapping and navigation field, HNTC has successfully developed such products as the “Commercial Navigation”, “Commercial Maneuver” and “Commercial Decision-maker”, which has been installed in more than 200 large circulation enterprises, groups and over 5,000 small and medium businesses. The applications cover various circulation industries and management modes including shopping centers, department stores, warehouse-type supermarkets, fresh food supermarkets, distribution centers, convenience stores, franchised stores, chain stores and small and medium grocery stores.

Realizing that technology is the root of development, HNTC spares no efforts to promote and apply new technologies. It has established broad cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Science, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Jilin University, Shandong University and many research institutes and has absorbed and adapted many state-level R&D projects. Some of the projects are included in the State Plan 863, a sci-tech program of the 10th Five-Year Plan and a promotion program of the State technology Bureau.

HNTC has established a nationwide marketing and service network. Based on the customer-oriented marketing concept, HNTC strives to provide complete customer service to exceed the customers’ requirements.

Hisense Import & Export

Hisense Import & Export Co., Ltd. (HIEC) is a subsidiary of Hisense Company Limited (HCL) and a platform through which HCL promotes its global brand and exports its products.

Since its establishment on January 1, 1991, HIEC has been playing a crucial role in exploring the overseas market; promoting its global brand and introducing advanced foreign technologies, production and testing equipment.

HIEC vigorously carries out its market and products strategy set by Hisense Group and is focused on the Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and ASEAN market. HIEC promotes its strategic market by establishing a production base and branch companies in Italy, the USA, Australia, UAE and Indonesia. Hisense brand has become more competitive in the EU and Africa after the establishment of a Hisense production base in Hungary and South Africa.

Relying on its technologies, talents and experience, Hisense has established a modern production base for TVs and air-cons in Algeria, Pakistan and Iran to support its customers. These measures contribute to the expanded business in spare parts.

The promotion of its high-tech products is a key element in the publicity of the Hisense brand and its growth in sales in the overseas market. Sales of inverter air-cons, PDP/LCD TVs and CDMA handsets have experienced rapid growth in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Hisense Hungary Kft.

Hisense Hungary Kft. (HHK) was established on June 1, 2004. The company is responsible for the assembling and marketing of color TV based on the rigid and efficient management and under strict quality control. Currently, it has the ability to globalize parts procurement through the setup of production lines in EU.

HHK is committed to the localized operation in Europe and is a company with impressive performance in EU. HHK produces and markets its products targeting at EU consumers. Its LCD and PDP business is growing rapidly. Presently, HHC is already an important partner for many large chain stores in European countries.

HHK attaches great importance to its production and marketing process. Hisense headquarter in Qingdao renders strong backup to its R&D. Ever since its establishment, HCK has made substantial progress in both the publicity of “Hisense?brand and OEM business. HHK would like to meet potential customers from every part of Europe.

Hisense Italy Representative Office

Hisense Italy Representative Office (HIRO) was established in 2001. Through three years of development, it has made fairly eye-catching advancement. HIRO was set to be a marketing entity in Italy and was given the mission to explore the local market in representation of Hisense Group. HIRO’s Major lines of business is to market TV/Air-con and other products manufactured by Hisense and provide after-sale service. Besides, HIRO is also responsible to collect market information. With the expansion of Hisense Europe, HIRO will grow into an important sales center in western Europe.

Hisense Australia Pty Ltd

Hisense Australia Pty Ltd was established on June 6, 2003 for the purpose of publicizing and promoting Hisense brand in the local market. Currently, Hisense has formed strategic partnership with TAAC - a well-known Australian company in home appliance industry. Hisense TV and air-con products will gradually find their way into Australian households. Through the promotion of high-end LCD and PDP TV, Hisense is already a flagship among China home appliance brands and will thoroughly rip off the negative image of Chinese brand featuring low price and bad quality. Hisense will step onto the world arena with a new image.

Hisense Group Sales and Marketing

Hisense Marketing Co., Ltd. (HSMC) is a subsidiary of Hisense Group. HMC was established to support the sales branch of Hisense Air-conditioner Co., Ltd. and Hisense Electric (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and is in charge of sales and marketing systems of the two companies. The design and organizational structure of HSMC is carried out in accordance with the most modern sales and marketing systems. The organization is structured into several departments including market research, products planning, channel exploration, logistics management and network management. These departments support the sales and marketing of TVs, air-conditioners and refrigerators.

HSMC is actively seeking additional partnerships with large home appliance chain stores; department stores and supermarkets. To meet this goal HMC has adopted a strategy based on “High Tech, High Quality, Excellent Service and Global Brand positioning. HMC has over 10,000 distributors around China to deliver its excellent products and services to its vast consumer network.

Presently, HSMC employs nearly 10,000 staff and has set up 50 plus sales branches and more than 10,000 sales outlets around the country. HSMC’s sales revenue has exceeded RMB 10 billion, which ranks HSMC as one of the largest home appliances marketing company in China.

HSMC insists on creating marketing opportunity for high-end products and has formulated clear market positioning plan with a view toward current technological development and consumption trends. Presently, HMC’s target for TVs is the integration of digital high definition with flat panel design and its target for refrigerators and air-conditioners is inverter and energy saving models.

After only a year of market integration, HSMC is positioned at No. 4 in sales income in the TV industry and is the market leader in the sales of FPTV and HDTV. As far as air-con industry is concerned, HSMC leads the industry with over 60% of the inverter air-con market share and has become the “Inverter Expert” in the industry. In the refrigerator industry, HMC is growing at a rate over 150%, leading the field of new entrants.

HSMC has set its sites in the future to increase its efficiency and launch superior products with higher technical content and more personalized design to improve the quality of life for its consumers.

Hisense ( Beijing ) Electric

Hisense (Beijing) Electric Co., Ltd. (HBEC) was established on June 13, 2002 and is a joint venture between Hisense Group and Beijing Snowflake Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd. HBEC is a comprehensive business integrating R&D, production, marketing and customer service of refrigerators and other home appliances.

Its business strategy is to provide “High Tech, High Quality, Excellent Service and be a recognized Global Brand”. HBEC has adopted the philosophy of “Creating Perfection and Serving the People”, with the goal of being a “Top-notch China Enterprise and a well-recognized Global Brand”, HBEC is a leader in the field of “Inverter, anti-spoilage, and Energy-saving technology. HBEC strives to provide its customers with refrigerators of the highest quality and most advanced technical innovations. HBEC currently has a lineup of 7 product series and over 100 different types and specifications of models. HBEC has established a standardized and complete quality management system based on ISO9000 (2000) and passed its certification in October, 2002.

In order to advance its market position, HBEC has adopted the principle of “First Class Products Based on First Class Service” and insists on pursuing excellence in each and every facet of business, from technology to quality and techniques. The development strategy of HBEC is to be in the top 3 in the refrigerator industry by 2008; to establish a sales pattern in which sales revenue from the domestic and overseas market is evenly split; to be the top ranked refrigerator manufacturer in China and well-known around the world. Through multiple technical innovations over the production base, annual production capacity of HBEC has exceeded 1 million.

HBEC has invested millions of RMB to create a world class R&D and quality control facility. The facility includes 6 special labs including refrigerator-type aging, high-temp & high humidity lab, compressor performance lab, a techniques lab and an EMC lab. The company bought advanced testing instruments including a data logger and development equipment in order to set up a complete refrigerator development and testing environment.

HBEC’s growth since 2002 has ranked at the top in the industry and the company won many honorary titles including “China’s Excellent Product Reliability”, an “Enterprise with outstanding Product Quality and Customer Service”, an “Enterprise with a Double Guarantee of Quality and Service” and the “Energy-saving Contribution Award”.

With a goal of “Being a Technical Leader and Delivering High Quality”, HBEC will continue its innovation and its obsession with excellence.

Hisense Mobile Communication Technology

Hisense Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (HMCTC) was previously known as the Hisense Communication Research Center and was established in June, 2000. After 5 years of research and development, HMCTC has perfected the mobile communication standard system terminals. (CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA). HMCTC boasts a specialized and highly-talented R&D team, recognized as the pioneer in China’s handset design. HMCTC has reached the pinnacle in the development of mobile communication terminal products in China.

The company has grasped the technology of mobile communication terminal products and is well experienced in many projects sponsored by the state and Ministry of Information Industry. Today, HMCTC is able to deliver its customers technical solutions and products (e.g. communication modules and cordless telephones) based on the mobile communication terminal.

HMCTC has a complete quality control system. The system includes a sound testing and development environment and an excellent products design control and quality guarantee process, which provides complete satisfaction to its customer base.

HMCTC’s philosophy is “To Operate Business with Technology and Quality, To Serve the Customers with Sincerity and To Repay the Society with Knowledge and To Meet the Market Demand”.

Hisense Communication

Hisense Communication Co., Ltd. (HCC) is a subsidiary of the Hisense Company Limited and was registered on May 10, 2001. As a pivotal player of the 3C industrial pattern designed by Hisense Group, HCC is committed to the R&D, production, marketing and service of mobile communication products and endeavors to provide its customers with products and services of the highest technology, and highest quality.

HCC has been an innovator in China’s communication revolution. Independently developing China’s first CDMA color display handset in 2001; launching China’s first CDMA 2000 1X “e-color” handset with 310,000-pixels and built-in camera; and participating in the TD-SCDMA industrial alliance as an initiator of China’s first mobile communication terminal manufacturer passing 3G terminal testing conducted by the Ministry of Information Industry. HCC has over three years of rich experience as an independent R&D and manufacturer of quality communications equipment. Presently, HCC has launched 10 plus products into the market. Based on an excellent design and strict quality control, Hisense CDMA handsets are widely appreciated by consumers for its consistent quality; complete features and personalized operation mode.

On September 1, 2003, the handsets distinguished themselves during a comprehensive evaluation and was awarded the title, “famous China brands”. This title was again awarded to HCC In November of the same year, Hisense handsets are ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction indexes of famous Chinese brands in a survey conducted by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine a government supervised organization.

As a high-tech enterprise in Qingdao, HCC boasts a high quality R&D team composed of advanced degreed engineers and other technical experts specializing in communication equipment. HCC invested several hundreds of million RMB and established a new communication technology R&D center; an advanced production center and quality control center. Annual production capacity of HCC has reached 3 million units. On August 2002, HCC passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

HCC spares no effort to implement the service policy of Hisense Group in the communication industry. HCC established 24 subsidiaries and more than 5,000 outlets nationwide. HCC’s marketing network covers all large and medium cities in China. In addition, HCC established 25 customer consultation centers, a 24-hour response nationwide customer service network; 1,000 plus licensed service stations and numerous HCC service shops. These business outlets are able to provide hand-on care and all-inclusive services to the vast customer base.

HCC will continue to maintain an independent R&D effort and strives to be the leader in China’s communication industry and a major communication products supplier to the world. HCC endeavors to contribute to the prosperity of the national communication industry.

Hisense Electric

Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. (HEC) is a publicly traded company, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since April, 1997.HEC is a well-known home appliance company in China and its televisions are very famous in China as demonstrated by its position as the market leader in TV sales in many categories for many years.

Presently, HEC is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of TV and digital TV broadcasting equipment. As the largest subsidiary in Hisense Group, HEC boasts the most advanced DTV production lines in China and is able to output 8 million color TVs a year.

HEC has charted a path to development based on high tech and high quality; receiving the name “Advanced Technical School” of China’s color TV industry for its accumulation of years of technical experience. In June 2004, HEC restructured its resources of R&D, purchasing and production and established the Department of Flat Panel Business. HEC sets FPTV as its major target of development and strives to become a major FPTV supplier in the world and the manufacturer with the largest share in China’s FPTV market by 2007.

HEC boasts a first-class state-level R&D center, where more than 100 DTV products are created each year. Presently, HEC has launched 4 series (plasma, LCD, projection and CRT) and 50 plus models of high-definition DTV products. Hisense achieved 1080P high definition format technical upgrading; achieving this feat at least six months earlier than its competitors in the industry. Hisense digital STB won the bidding for digital cable TV projects in Beijing, Qingdao and Shandong. Its high tech products have been exported to the USA from the beginning of 2004.

Based on the principle of “Creating Perfection and Serving the People”, HEC set up a strategy called “Precise Products, Precise Processes and Precise Management”. Quality is a matter of life and death for Hisense. During the past few years, Hisense TV won universal praise from all circles of society. In 2001, Hisense TV was honored by the government with an exemption from state inspection due to the high quality of their products. “Products with No Complaints for the Year 2000” title was conferred by China’s inspection bureau in recognition of the zero defects of Hisense products. In addition, the China Consumers Association presented the National Quality Management Award to Hisense, as such Hisense is recognized as one of the five most prestigious enterprises in the domestic industries. In September of 2000, Hisense TV received the prestigious recognition as a “Famous China Brand”. Again, this title was conferred to Hisense in August 2004.

Presently, the 800,000 square-meter Hisense Information Industrial Park is the backbone of Hisense’ TV production capacity. The facility boasts the most advanced DTV and FPTV production lines and state-of-the-art equipment lab in China. The lab possesses modern management and an advanced logistics system. In August 2002, the first 42” 16:9 digital plasma TV rolled down the production line, which initiated the marketing of FPTVs in China.

With the popularity of DTVs in today’s world, HEC is inspired to seize the opportunity of DTV product upgrading to rapidly expand its share in the domestic and overseas market through innovative operations, rigid management, simplified processes and cutting-edge technology. In July 2004, sales revenue of Hisense TV ranked 4th in China’s color TV industry.

Innovation is what life is all about. The innovative Hisense staff is committed to develop HEC into a global Internet terminal equipment supplier by means of hi-tech strength and high-caliber product quality.